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Some teams may move to Ukraine for EURO
altSome teams participating in EURO 2012 finals, which will be held in Ukraine, may change their decision on staying in Poland. If a team arrives in Ukraine on the eve of a match and lives a few days at the transfer base, it can remain there in order to better prepare for matches and change the place of the base residence. Tournament director in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivskyi said this in an exclusive interview with the Information Centre Ukraine 2012.

“Despite the fact that the issue of national teams’ accommodation has been solved, the place of national teams residence may be changed in our favour. For example, the Dutch team has so far decided that it will be based in Poland and fly to us for matches. But after it stays at a transfer base (Metalist or another one) the team may reconsider. After all, in total the team will spend the vast majority of days in Ukraine. For example, the match in Kharkiv on 9 June. On 8 June Dutch players will have to fly to Kharkiv, spend a night, play for the next day, and may even stay on the 10th. So I do not rule out that some of the teams, which will go to a particular city will not want to return to their base in Poland to relax and better prepare for matches. This is my forecast”, Markiyan Lubkivskyi said. According to him, on 2 December, after the draw all 16 national teams were presented with a catalogue of transfer bases in Ukraine. “The list of centres, in particular, included such facilities as the Olympic Regional Sports Complex in Donetsk or Metalurg stadium with accommodation at the Victoria or Ramada hotels. In Kharkiv – at the  Dynamo stadium and Cosmopolitan Hotel. In Kyiv the Dynamo stadium and the Riviera and Diarso hotels. Lviv is represented by the Skif base and the Dniester or Nobilis hotels to choose from. The total number of transfer bases may be higher, because we do not use the main training bases.


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