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About TUH Project

TOP UKRAINIAN HOTELS is a marketing and sale project, main goals of which are:

For Hotels: to provide effective and professional representation and distribution services including creation of a positive hotel image throughout the sale channels, application of modern marketing techniques to push sales, development of sale strategies per each single distribution channel, monitoring and support of financial scheme of cooperation, efficient application of modern technological solutions.

For Customers: to provide a wide range of hotels throughout Ukraine (as a part of ASLA Travel group providing services throughout CIS), technological solutions to simplify the reservations process (TWID CRS, Traveller CRS including XML connectivity techniques), centralized assistance with operational and financial issues, customer support centers for all the hotels, support with health&safety questionnaires, international standards of service etc.  
The Project, developed and supported by Marketing and Online Sales department of ASLA Travel Group (1990) with the head office in the UK and representation offices throughout the world, including offices in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Yalta, Sevastopol, Kharkov – British-Ukrainian joint venture ARKTUR Ltd, 1994), was established in 2006 to unite more than 120 Ukrainian hotels under TOP UKRAINIAN HOTELS brand.
21 years of operation on the market became a very strong background not only for development of most effective sale and marketing strategies for Ukrainian hotels within TOP UKRAINIAN HOTELS project, but also for keeping high level of service (operational, technological, financial etc) for customers, who prefer to book “TOP UKRAINIAN HOTELS” properties to other brands on the market.

TOP UKRAINIAN HOTELS project provides hotels with a range of diversified services, that we clustered into several main programs of the Project: GDS Representation and Channel Management Program, TRAVELIZER program, CLASSIFIER program, CONTROLLER program, ANALYSER program, LEXICON program.


VARIETY OF SALE CHANNELS within TOP UKRAINIAN HOTELS marketing and sale project:



1)    International Tour Operators’ network – FITs and groups
2)    Corporate clients



1)    Global Distribution Systems (GDS): Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan
2)    Our own Online Reservation systems: (B2C), (B2C),  (B2B)
3)    Alternative/Internet Distribution Systems (ADS/IDS): over 1000 partner web site with either direct representation or via GDS


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